What is Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth?- They are an open style booth, all the better to fit more people into each shot. A fun, friendly attendant stays with the booth for the duration of your celebration. So you don’t have to stay with it all night, although that is where most of the laughter is coming from, so we understand if you want to hang around. Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth are an easy to use booth, just stand in front, touch the screen & pose! Double strips of your photos will print out in about 20 seconds for you to enjoy.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

How many people can fit into a booth?? Because we are an open style booth, you can fit lots of people in a single photo. Our record is 17, can you beat it??
How does it work? Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth are a very simple booth to run, just stand in front of the curtain, touch the screen, & off it goes. For best results, it is recommended to stand as still as possible for the 5 seconds between each photo, but really that’s where all the fun is!
Do I get duplicates? At Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth we pride ourselves on duplicates! We strive to make sure every person in the shot gets a copy, as well as one for the guest book if you have one.
How far do you travel?? We are happy to travel anywhere! Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth are based in Albury/Wodonga, but so I far have been as far as Bathurst. Please contact us to find out the free travel area & for travel costs.
How does set up & delivery work? Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth are a small quite portable unit. We work with you in the days leading up to your function to work out a set up & pick up time that suits you, but at worse case scenario, I arrive & set up an hour before your function starts.
Can I customise my photo strip?? Of course you can! Please check out our gallery for examples of previous styles & feel free to Google & send me your ideas, I always love doing new styles!
What sort of quality are the printed photos? Will my photos fade over time? We use DNP photo printers & DNP digital paper. No they will not fade. I have photo strips from 3 years ago that have hung on my fridge & they are still as perfect as the day they were printed.
Can Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth be used for a fundraiser?? Of course it can! Snazzy Snaps Photo Booth always have a friendly approachable attendant for the duration of every event, so they are more than happy to collect money for you. You can also ‘sell’ the bottom photo for advertising to a local business that is happy to donate. Feel free to contact us to find out more.
Please feel free to contact us with any question! You won’t know the answer if you don’t ask!!